Soulful and unique buildings

Chicken coop with oregon pine siding

Are you looking for a tiny house, a pergola, a carport, a tree house or a garden shed? I design and build custom-made and unique wooden constructions. Wood as a material stands for character, a visible timber frame for strength, warmth and an honesty of construction.

Sustainable craftsmanship

Hand made oak pegs

When possible, I like to work with traditional timber joinery, ensuring a solid result that is durable. Out of respect for the environment, I prefer to work with local wood: oak, oregon pine or larch. If thermal insulation is required, wood fiber insulation is the preferred choice. For the roof, several options are available: (recycled) roof tiles, wood shingles or a green roof.

Grandson of a carpenter

Koen Remans

Growing up in the workshop of my grandfather-carpenter, the seeds for a later flourishing passion were planted early in my life.  After a career as an engineer in industry, I decided to follow my heart and become a carpenter too. I am now happy to combine  my passion for wood with craftsmanship and engineering.