Sustainable timber construction

Passion for sustainable construction

CABIN & CO is a sustainable wood construction company, located between Brussels and Leuven. At CABIN & CO, we are passionate about wood constructions. No matter if we are extending a house, constructing a pool house or a tree house, we always deliver beautiful constructions, built with high quality sustainable materials.

Our services

CABIN & CO likes to go the extra mile. We have experience with a large range of techniques in wood construction and finishing of buildings. You will find here below an overview of our main activities.

Eco-friendly home renovation

With experience in roofing, framing, insulation, CABIN & CO is a reliable partner for your home remodeling. We are convinced that bio-based and renewable materials are the best choice for our houses.

Pool houses and garden offices

CABIN & CO takes care of your project from the design until the finishing of your building. We build pool houses or gardens rooms with a flat or sloped roof, with a large choice of luxurious materials.

School projects

We build outdoor classrooms, bee hotels, swings for green school yards. CABIN & CO often works together with teachers and parents to reduce costs and increase ownership of the school environment.

Pergolas, carports en bike sheds

Are you looking for protection against sun and rain? CABIN & CO designs and builds integrated solutions for your house and garden: a flat roof or glass roof, a canopy or an open pergola with plants.

Tree houses and play houses

CABIN & CO’s tree houses and play houses are built to last. We choose for European hard wood for a beautiful and sustainable result. We make a custom design to fit your children and your garden.

Wooden siding

Nearly all of our constructions have a wooden siding. We have experience with a great variety of oak, cedar, black locust or larch sidings. Horizontal or vertical, open or closed, always with great care for detail.

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